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DOG WHISTLE POLITICS 1 DOG WHISTLE POLITICS INTRODUCTION Dog whistle politics refers to the use of certain code words or phrases by modern day politicians that are designed to be understood by only a small section of the society.

These phrases have special meaning to that targeted subsection and are understood entirely differently by others. The term comes from the sound of a dog whistle. The win for republicans relied on two factors.

CNN a 'Dog Whistle' for 'Race-Baiting, Anti-Trump Bigots,' Says Fox News Radio Host

They played in the areas they were the weakest and they targeted voters and groups of voters. This was known as the “dog whistle” implying that Bush’s speech was only heard by those targeted groups.

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‘Anglo-American’ Is a Common Legal and Historical Term, It Is Not a ‘Dog Whistle’ Photo Essays. View Slide Show. Culture. White House Turkeys. View Slide Show. World.

Dog whistle essay
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The Deadly Consequences of Dog-Whistle Politics – Foreign Policy