Essay on trade and commerce 1770

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On the other Hand, if our Commerce and Friendship are of some Advantage to you, while you are exasperating this Country against the Colonies by Misrepresentations and Falsehoods, if you are at the same Time by your Abuses so exasperating that Country against this, as that they will from Resentment exert themselves more earnestly to give.

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The Articles of Confederation Essay Words | 4 Pages. The Articles of Confederation In the ’s, as America’s great thinkers and writers were declaring their desire for independence; they also established a committee to lay the foundation for the American form of government.

trade, as put forth in the works of Melon, to challenge the preferential economic treatment conceded in by André Hercule, Cardinal de Fleury, to the United Provinces.

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Essay on trade and commerce 1770
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