Essays on disclosure practices in sweden causes and effects

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Adrem, A.H. Improving Business Reporting – A Customer Focus: Meeting the Information Needs of Investors and Creditors; and Comprehensive Report of the Special Committee on. Adrem, A. (), “Essays on disclosure practices in Sweden: causes and effects”, doctoral dissertation, Lund Studies in Economics and Management, Vol.

51, Institute of Economic Research, University of Lund, Lund. Adrem, A. (), “Essays on disclosure practices in Sweden: causes and effects”, doctoral dissertation, Lund Studies in Economics and Management, Vol. 51, Institute of Economic Research, University of Lund, Lund.


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This doctoral thesis examines the causes and effects of corporate disclosure practices. The thesis consists of four independent but related essays that collectively make up a country study for Sweden.

Disclosure, Liquidity, and the Cost of Capital, (). Essays on disclosure practices in Sweden: causes and effects, Ph.D. Dissertation - .

Essays on disclosure practices in sweden causes and effects
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