Jackie robinson essay and poetry contest

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Jackie Robinson Poems | Examples of Jackie Robinson Poetry

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Tigers accepting submissions for 17th Annual Jackie Robinson Art, Essay & Poetry Contest

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Tigers Honor Jackie Robinson Contest Winners. On Sunday, April 15th, Jackie Robinson Day was celebrated across Major League Baseball.

Beginning inthe day honors the legacy of Jackie Robinson and celebrates diversity in baseball. President Clinton and Rachael Robinson, Robinson's widow, were the speakers and gave Jackie a tribute.

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ESSAY Essays should be typewritten, double-spaced and limited to one page of words. POETRY Write a poem that explores one or more of Jackie Robinson’s nine values for. The students can focus on Jackie Robinson or something they have experience in their personal lives that applies to the theme of breaking barriers.

How the contest works: Each student who submits an entry will receive four tickets to the Rockies game on Saturday, May 3rd. President Clinton and Rachael Robinson, Robinson's widow, were the speakers and gave Jackie a tribute.

That night number 42, that Robinson wore, was retired from all of baseball forever.

Jackie robinson essay and poetry contest
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Tigers Honor Jackie Robinson Contest Winners – Comerica Park,