Lyme disease in dogs outline

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Pets and Lyme disease

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This article has been admitted by a Personal. Lyme disease in dogs is caused by a spiral-shaped microscopic organism called Borrelia burgdorferi and found in deer ticks. Canine symptoms include joint and hip pain, arthritis, lack of appetite, reluctance to move, swollen joints, and joint pain.

Lyme Disease & History Lyme disease is a bacterial infection carried by black-legged ticks, commonly referred to as deer ticks. At any stage in their lives the deer ticks will latch onto and feed from a human and therefore transmit the disease to their host.

Lyme disease is currently the most commonly reported vector bourne illness in dogs in the US and Lyme disease is absolutely on the rise in my state. Read more about the symptoms of Lyme disease in dogs: 5 Signs of Lyme Disease in Dogs Causes of Lyme Disease in Dogs Borrelia burgdorferi, which is the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease in dogs, is transmitted by slow-feeding, hard-shelled deer ticks (Ixodes spp.).

There is a Lyme disease vaccine for dogs, but it’s not always part of a dog’s routine vaccination protocol. Overview Lyme disease is one of a number of frustratingly common tick-borne diseases that are regarded by both veterinarians and human physicians as stubborn, insidious, and just plain problematic in a number of ways.

Tags: canine infectious respiratory disease complex (CIRDC), influenza, outbreaks Raw pet food and human salmonellosis By Scott Weese on October 28, Posted in Cats, Dogs, Salmonella. We’ve known for some time that there are human health risks from feeding pets raw meat-based diets.

Lyme disease in dogs outline
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Lyme Disease in Dogs: 10 Ways to Prevent and Treat It Effectively