Retributivism essays on theory and policy

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Retributivism : essays on theory and policy

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Retributivism essays on theory and policy

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This salespeople you annoyance and make, and it will cost goodness to repair or replace. The contributors offer analysis and explanations of new developments in retributivism, the philosophical account of punishment that holds that wrongdoers must be punished as a matter of right, duty, or justice, rather than deterrence, rehabilitation, or vengeance.

Retributivism : essays on theory and policy (last visited Dec. 15, ); see also generally MICHAEL T ONRY (ED.), R ETRIBUTIVISM H AS A P AST: H AS IT A F UTURE? (). Retributivism: Essays on Theory and Policy brings together twelve leading and emerging thinkers for a series of reflections on the nature, foundation, and application of retributive justice.

The first eight essays are conceptual and philosophical in nature. Retribution and Capital Punishment. RETRIBUTIVISM: ESSAYS ON THEORY ON PRACTICE, Mark D.

White, ed., Oxford University Press, Corrections & Sentencing Law & Policy eJournal. Subscribe to this fee journal for more curated articles on this topic FOLLOWERS This book offers analysis and explanations of new developments in retributivism, the philosophical account of punishment that holds that wrongdoers must be punished as a matter of right, duty, or justice, rather than to serve some general social purpose such as deterrence or individual purpose such as rehabilitation of the criminal or the.

retributivism This page intentionally left blank Retributivism E S S AY S O N T H E O RY A N D P O L I C Y Edited by Mark D.

White college of staten island/cuny.

Retributivism essays on theory and policy
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