Role of the international court and tribunals in relation to armed conflict essay

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International law

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International Humanitarian Law and the Law of armed Conflict

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National law may become international law when treaties delegate national jurisdiction to supranational tribunals such as the European Court of Human Rights or the International The conflict between international law and national sovereignty is subject to vigorous debate and dispute in academia, diplomacy, and politics.

War and armed. The ad hoc tribunals (ICTY and ICTR) and the International Criminal Court (ICC) were introduced in the last decade of 20th century. The idea of "peace through justice" (Popovski, ) is consistent with the UN Charter aimed at maintenance of international peace and security.

Subjects of International Law - In any kind of legal relations, subject always play an important role, and it is one of the signals to determine the relation that pertaining the adjustment of any legislation system. The Effectiveness of the International Criminal Court - There is a close relationship between human rights and criminal law.

The scope of my paper will surround human rights and the International Criminal Court (ICC) in addition to human rights and international crimes.

Role of the international court and tribunals in relation to armed conflict essay
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