Sparta and athens similarities and differences essay

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Differences and similarities of Athens and Sparta Learn with flashcards, games, and more — for free. R. Peterson’s fine study, The Classical World (), which includes an analysis of 43 Greek, and 32 Roman figures, is persuasive.

Dr. Peterson explains that the Romans painted their death masks to preserve the color, as well as the shape, of their ancestors’ faces. Sparta and Athens were both Greek city states that dominated ancient Greece during the fifth century BCE.

Each city state had at least a partially elected government and a strong military, and both relied on the labor of slaves. Sparta and Athens shared similarities and differences in their systems of government, and in education. One of the bigger differences between Sparta and Athens was their systems of government.

There were many statuses to the Spartan government. Chapter 17 - The Renaissance & Reformation. List of learning materials for Renaissance & Reformation Activities. Ch 17 Study Guide - Renaissance & Reformation. Thought this essay, it will investigate question, what are some similarities and differences of the role of women in ancient Athens and Sparta?

Though the following topics of: Marriage, freedoms and isolation, and last of all politics and land.

Sparta and athens similarities and differences essay
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